RogueCorp Ebay Store Return Policy GG

RogueCorp by Roguegoose1

Items sold by RogueCorp Ebay Store are often used, repurposed, or otherwise not new products. For this reason, returns will not be accepted.

Buyers can always submit a return request through Ebay itself. Even though we do not accept returns. We will honor Ebays policy because we have to. There are only a couple of reasons Ebay will require us to accept a return and issue a refund.

If the buyer is asking to return the item because it’s damaged, faulty, or didn’t match your listing description, then we will accept the return. Unless the item was sold as “damaged”. This is sometimes the case. Damaged items have value as “For parts” or other reasons, therefore, we will on occasion sell damaged items in an “as is” fashion.

All items are sold in this manner.

As is

It is important for you as the buyer to do your due diligence on understanding the quality and condition of items prior to purchasing. All of our items are sold “As Is.” Ther


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