Skull and Bones – Let’s talk ships! Upcoming ship features

There are many reasons to keep a close eye on the release of Ubisoft’s upcoming game, Skull and Bones. The biggest reason for me is seeing just how customizable are the ships? This article will hopefully add a bit of clarity on the subject and add a little caboose to your hype train!

Ship customization in Skull and Bones

There are apparently 12 different ships that will be available for customization upon release. What it takes to unlock each is a mystery for now. 12 is a really great number to get hyped about, but we do not know whether more will be added later!

What we do know is that Ubisoft is really shooting for quality customization options. These will include both cosmetic and functional loadout options to choose from.

Ship Categories – Skull and Bones

Ship Categories

  • Cargo – these ships are bulky, slow, and do not maneuver well but they can carry a large amount of loot!
  • Navigation – These exploratory vessels make up the fastest of the ship categories. They will not stand up well in a sustained fight and they cannot carry as much as Cargo ships.
  • Firepower – As one would imagine, these are the best battleships. Blocky hulls. Not fast like Navigation ships and not able to carry as much a Cargo ships.


Each ship will also come equipped with a perk. As you rank up in the world you will unlock varying types of ships with varying skills.

Size and profile

There are some additional factors to consider when choosing which ship to set sail. The Draught Profile determines whether a ship is able to go inland or navigate more shallow depths such as rivers. Larger ships have more Weapon Availability than smaller ships. Giant Ballista or Greek fires may only be mounted on larger ships, but larger ships cannot access rivers or lakes.

Weapons / Loadouts

Weapons Ships Skull and Bones


  • Demi-Cannon
    Demi-Cannons are short range shotgun style cannons that deal flooding damage.
  • Long gun
    Long guns are range and precise weapons that can deal blunt or fire damage. May be slow to fire.


There are 3 types of mortars revealed to us so far. They are:

  • Blasting Mortar
    The Blasting Mortar deals a large explosive radius but can take longer to reach its target. Deals explosive damage.
  • Siege Mortar
    Siege Mortars blast radius is a bit less than its counterparts, but it does deal a very high amount of damage called, crushing damage.
  • Repair Mortar
    The Repair Mortar is a unique mortar in that it deals no damage. It repairs allied ships.
Weapon loadouts on Skull and Bones from Ubisoft


  • Siege Bombard
    Siege Bombards create a large blast radius of piercing damage in a reduced area.
  • Flaming Bombard
    As one would expect, Flaming Bombards deal fire damage.
  • Repair Bombard
    Like the Repair Mortar, Repair Bombards repair allied ships. Bombards have a shorter range than mortars.


There are 2 types of ballistae, Multibolt and Twin Winch.

  • Multibolt Ballista inaccurately fires a full bundle of bolts that deal flooding damage.
  • Twin Winch Ballista are long ranged and accurate bolt firers that deal piercing damage.


Yes, we get friggin’ rockets!

  • Revolver Rockets – less shots than a field rocket but is piercing damage.
  • Field Rockets – fire a volley of rockets with improved range and speed over the revolver rockets. Deals explosive damage.


Greek Fire – Skull & Bones
  • Quick Release – flood damage
  • Explosive – explosive damage

Greek Fire

The Greek Fire is a short-range flame thrower.

Armour & Attachments

Reinforced Wood ArmorPiercing and CrushingFlooding and Fire
Metal ArmorBlunt and CrushingPiercing and Fire
Spiked Metal ArmorBlunt and Crushing
Increases ramming damage
Piercing and Fire
Terracotta ArmorPiercing and FireExplosive and Crushing
Stone ArmorPiercing and FireExplosive and Crushing
Leather ArmorExplosive and FirePiercing and Flooding
Ship Armor, Skull and Bones

Other attachments are items such as cargo bags. Cargo bags attach externally to the ship and allow for carrying larger amounts of cargo. These will take damage which can be good or bad. Since they attach externally, damage taken by the cargo bags may not damage the integrity of the ship. On the flip side, you may lose all your loot!

You may also acquire some furniture for your ship. Furniture can do a variety of things. It may add buffs to crew, improve their morale, or just provide that Feng Shui you’ve been looking for!

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