New features coming to New World? Public Test Realm (PTR) – Winter festival, patch, News and more

New features coming to New World

Amazon Game Studios calls Aeternum an ever-changing world. That has been true so far. It seems we are getting patches all the time and new features are being tested in the Public Test Realms (PTRs) quite often.

The PTRs are designed to have players test the new features before they go live for everyone. This means there could be lots of issues including bugs, crashes, or more. I am excited that New World devs decided to make such a thing. I just want to see the new features!

There is currently one PTR available for North America and 1 for Europe. Many features are being tried out to enhance the play experience for all. A new Winter Festival event looks very interesting as well.

We mentioned the Winter Convergence Festival. Holiday Quests will be available at the winter villages set up in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, Weaver’s Fen, and Brightwood.

Winter convergence activities in New World

Ice Caves look awesome as well. Snowy Ice Caves are appearing in Aeternum. The Winter Warrior wants it to be winter forever and is clamping down his grasp on the region with all new ice caves.

New Quests and Journal items are here as well!

Then the bit I am most intrigued by. New Expertise and Gypsum Systems are being implemented. New World looks to build on the end game action by adding these new features to the game. There was a ton of negative feedback surrounding the end game, gameplay.

Trade Skill Aptitude is another new feature coming to the game. After reaching trade skill 200. The Leveling Circle will update to show 3 markers equidistant from each other on the circle. Earning Trade Skill XP will begin progressing you again, and when you reach one of these markers, you will be awarded with a container of useful items that are (mostly) trade skill relevant, such as Craft Mods, special ingredients, and even schematics and recipes!

Last but not least we have some PvP balance changes to come as well!

Get on in the PTR right now to join in!

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