Skull and Bones FAQ – Will Skull and Bones be crossplay? FAQs for the upcoming Skull and Bones

It is not always easy to find the exact details for an upcoming game release that you are looking for. This is largely because those creating the questions do not play or look forward to playing the game. That is where I come in. I ask the questions that us who will be playing the game actually want to know.

Will there be crossplay in Skull and Bones? Skull and Bones FAQ discussion

Before you spend $70 or $100 dollars on the game – read my stuff!

What you want to know? The FAQs – Skull and Bones

FAQ – Will Skull and Bones be crossplay?

Skull and Bones will be crossplay using your Ubisoft account across multiple platforms. It will actually feature complete cross compatibility. This means your progress will also be ported over through you Ubisoft account.


FAQ – Is Skull and Bones like Sea of Thieves?

Yes and no. They are similar in that they are both pirate games with an emphasis on naval combat; however, they are very different games. Why? The main reason you should not get your hopes up about Skull and Bones being like Sea of Thieves is because in SoT, you are doing much of the looting and plundering yourself. This will not be the case in Skull and Bones. You are there to be the captain. You will very rarely leave the ship. Cut scenes will board you onto the ship from the safe zone harbors. You will then spend the rest of the time navigating, making decisions, and performing other captain duties.


FAQ – Are there competitive modes in Skull and Bones?

Be very excited for this. 5v5 competitive modes will be available in Skull and Bones. I do not know if there will be a ranking system, but that would be sweet!

FAQ – When will Skull and Bones release?

November 8th, 2022

FAQ – What is Skull and Bones ESRB rating?

Mature 17+ for Blood, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Drugs, Violence

When can I redeem a pre-order code for Skull and Bones?

You can redeem your code until 8 November 2024. Each code can only be redeemed once.

Skull and Bones pre-order bonus

FAQ – What do you get from pre-ordering Skull and Bones?

Coronation Firework + Captain Outfit (Notoriety Garb)

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