August 4th Game Release! Turbo Golf Racing

A game you may or may not know about will be releasing on August 4th, 2022. This game looks exciting and perhaps will be just what we need to make it to holiday game releases like, Skull and Bones, God of War, and Modern Warfare 2.

The game we are talking about today is Turbo Golf Racing. Turbo Golf Racing is a game about turbo powered cars, oversized golf balls, and an explosive race to the finish. The game is by Hugecalf Studios and Secret Mode.

Turbo Golf Racing

The game looks to attack customers who might be into games like Rocket League. It looks like you build your loadout for your car and then race in 8 player races with golf balls. Which, tbh, sounds a bit wacky. The wackiness may be just what we need from this type of game.

The game releases on August 4th, 2022 for PC and Xbox.


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